DentAid supports HealthBus patients to access dental care

National charity DentAid, renowned for its dedication to improving oral health among underserved communities, partners with the HealthBus to extend their outreach even further. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap in dental care for vulnerable populations, ensuring they receive essential oral health services.

DentAid operates mobile dental clinics that reach individuals who often fall through the cracks of traditional healthcare systems. Their services target people experiencing homelessness, survivors of abuse, families living in poverty, refugees, cancer patients, and those recovering from addiction. In many of these cases, dental care is a neglected aspect of overall health, leading to significant and often painful issues. By addressing these needs, DentAid alleviates immediate pain and prevents more serious health complications arising from untreated dental conditions.

The HealthBus, serves as a critical point of contact for many individuals who struggle to access medical services. We provide a range of healthcare options, but oral care had previously been a gap in their offerings. By partnering with DentAid, we can now offer comprehensive dental services to patients, ensuring they receive better holistic care.

This partnership is particularly impactful for those experiencing homelessness. Many individuals in this group face barriers to accessing traditional dental care, including cost, lack of transportation, and the stigma associated with homelessness. The mobile nature of both the HealthBus and DentAid’s clinics means they can meet people where they are, providing care without requiring patients to navigate complex healthcare systems.

“What nice and helpful people Dentaid are! I was nervous about visiting the dentist but was reassured that I was in good hands. I had severe toothache, which I have tried to ignore for months, but getting it sorted is a dream come true now.” – HealthBus patient.