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Bournemouth University Media Project 2024: Presentation to Inspire Change

Bournemouth University Media Students Complete Impactful 'Client Brief' Second-year Media students at Bournemouth University have successfully completed their 'Client Brief' project, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. The project, which involved Groups 1 and 10, centred around an [...]

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Without a permanent home, it can be difficult to access healthcare for many reasons. The HealthBus team offer specialist GP and medical services at the point of need. They work in partnership with other services providers, such as addiction and mental health specialists, to help people find the support they need to move on in life.

One rough sleeper, Dean, said of the HealthBus service: “No one sets out to be purposefully on the streets … sometimes you face situations which just leave you broken and desperate. After losing my job, home and key relationships my mental health deteriorated; and I resorted to harmful substances which drove me to the streets. After lots of encouragement from visiting health professionals, I have found hope and compassion from those involved with the HealthBus. This service is a lifeline! A much-needed refuge for those who are vulnerable. The staff and team involved with the HealthBus have saved and are saving lives … this work must continue!”

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