A gift in your Will

What is a Legacy?

A legacy is leaving a gift for a charity in your will.

How do I leave a Legacy for The HealthBus Trust?

 There are three main ways of leaving a gift:

  1. A cash gift (or pecuniary gift) – this is a donation of a fixed amount.
  2. A residuary gift – you can choose to leave us a percentage of what is left in your estate once you’ve provided for your loved ones.
  3. A gift in kind – an item such as jewellery, furniture, property, etc.

Do I tell The HealthBus Trust about my gift?

This is entirely up to you. The HealthBus Trust likes to know of planned gifts, so we can recognize your generosity. We can tell you about specific opportunities for giving. We can also assure you that your wishes can be fulfilled.

How does this affect inheritance tax?

Any gift you make to The HealthBus Trust is free from inheritance tax.  So rather than 40% of your money going to the government, we receive 100% as a gift. If your estate goes over the inheritance tax threshold, a gift to charity can reduce its value so less tax is payable to the government and more goes to your loved ones and to the causes you care about.

A Legacy is about life and living

Leaving your mark for the next generation.

Everyone wants to leave this world with the knowledge that the people they care about will be looked after when they’re gone.  At The HealthBus Trust, our focus is on providing primary healthcare, at the point of need, for homeless people. Our work is essential; we’re in it for the long haul.

Every gift left in a will, however large or small, makes a big difference to the lives of those we support. Lives of people like Wayne, who was a rough sleeper in Bournemouth:

By leaving a gift to The HealthBus Trust in your Will, you can help ensure that homeless people receive primary healthcare at the point of need.

Making a gift in a will is a very personal matter and one which can balance providing for loved ones alongside a gracious gesture to support charitable endeavours.  Your solicitor can guide you on such matters.

How your gift could help

Here are just some of the ways a gift in your will could make an important difference:

  • £5 could provide a hot meal for one of our patients at our drop-in session.
  • £10 could help pay the expenses for one of our wonderful volunteers
  • £25 could provide a change of clothes for one of our patients
  • £50 could help fund our diesel for the day
  • £100 could fund our medical supplies for a day
  • £1500 could pay for a drop-in session, where our medical team could treat over 15 homeless people.

How to make a will

Making a will is one of those jobs that people don’t get around to doing because they’re worried it will be too complicated or costly. However, by making a will you can:

  • Choose who is in charge of sorting out your estate.
  • Appoint guardians for your children under 18.
  • Choose who inherits what.

Going to a solicitor is the best way of making sure your will says what you want it to say.

Leaving money to a charity in your will can make financial sense too because charitable gifts are exempt from inheritance tax, so it can reduce the tax on your estate.  Your financial adviser can help you with the latest in estate planning.

Whilst we cannot give you advice on how to create a legacy, we can certainly let you know about what exciting work is taking place through The HealthBus Trust and how we are ensuring that homeless people receive primary healthcare at the point of need.

If you are considering your Will and wish to speak with us call us on 07395 560 343.

Thank you so much for considering supporting us.

Additional information can be found in our Legacy Flyer below.


Thank you for your support.

Without a permanent home, it can be difficult to access healthcare for many reasons. The HealthBus team offer specialist GP and medical services at the point of need. They work in partnership with other services providers, such as addiction and mental health specialists, to help people find the support they need to move on in life.

One rough sleeper, Dean, said of the HealthBus service: “No one sets out to be purposefully on the streets … sometimes you face situations which just leave you broken and desperate. After losing my job, home and key relationships my mental health deteriorated; and I resorted to harmful substances which drove me to the streets. After lots of encouragement from visiting health professionals, I have found hope and compassion from those involved with the HealthBus. This service is a lifeline! A much-needed refuge for those who are vulnerable. The staff and team involved with the HealthBus have saved and are saving lives … this work must continue!”