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Do you own a business or  part of a business that regularly gives to charity?

Whether you’re a business, a funding provider or a not-for-profit, we’d love you to partner with us as we help people who are experiencing homelessness to access essential healthcare. We aim to create long-term partnerships that deliver clear benefits to our partners as well as raising significant funds for our work. A partnership with HealthBus can help your organisation build brand strength, engage your customers, employees and suppliers, and demonstrate your commitment to taking positive action for the community and inclusive healthcare.

Those experiencing homelessness are disengaged, on the margins of society, often seen by others as a nuisance, a threat or a blot on the image of the local community. Behind each homeless person is a back story that doesn’t often get heard. Life on the streets is not something they have chosen; often it is circumstantial, which has resulted in the loss of self-worth, self-care and self-protection. These circumstances can affect any one of us, a friend or a family member. Mental health issues, breakdown in relationships, loss of a job, lack of affordable housing or bereavement are just a few of the reasons that result in people being homeless on the streets of Bournemouth.

The HealthBus Team is made up of GPs, Nurses, Liver Specialist Nurses, Mental Health Support workers and Drug and Alcohol Support workers as well as an Optician and Hairdresser. These professionals work collaboratively to help homeless people regain their dignity, self-respect, self-worth and independence.

The HealthBus is unique as it provides a mobile health facility that travels to Bournemouth where the homeless are located. We take our services directly to the patient. We aim to provide a service where those experiencing homelessness are supported. cared for and treated with respect, dignity and empathy. We have found that this approach leads to the rough sleeper engaging with other services which we are uniquely positioned to connect them to and often results in people coming off the streets. By meeting people at their point of need, the HealthBus Team can seize the moment and signpost the patient to other support agencies that will encourage and support that person on their journey back into mainstream society.

It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor; without our health, every area of our lives is affected. Good health enables us to survive and have choices.

The NHS does not fund the HealthBus, it is self-funded and relies on donations, grants and fundraising. The HealthBus is making a significant difference in people’s lives. Since starting, the HealthBus has helped over 2000 people, many of whom have been treated at the HealthBus multiple times by the GP, the Nursing Team and by support workers. At least 50% of those people seen have had referrals to accommodation and have been re-housed. The HealthBus really does save lives.

We invite you to join us to make a difference. Your support whether financial or in-king will be directly focused on helping the homeless by keeping the HealthBus on the road, providing safe and accessible healthcare.

Please take a look at the information below – every pound of support directly helps a person who is in need of basic healthcare. A regular donation will enable us to plan for the future – a one off donation would be just as welcome, but the most important thing is for us to partner with you – a local business – as this service benefits every resident and visitor to Bournemouth.

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Together we can change people’s lives and help them take the first steps to a better and healthier future.

£110 would pay for a mental health nurse for one session or £11,520 for the year 

Donating £50 would pay for the fuel and insurance for the HealthBus for one session or £5,200 for the year

Giving £30 could pay for a face-to-face appointment with a GP for one patient.

Just £5 pays for 10 rough sleepers to have tea, coffee and biscuits at our drop in each week or £520 for the year


Thank you for your support.

Without a permanent home, it can be difficult to access healthcare for many reasons. The HealthBus team offer specialist GP and medical services at the point of need. They work in partnership with other services providers, such as addiction and mental health specialists, to help people find the support they need to move on in life.

One rough sleeper, Dean, said of the HealthBus service: “No one sets out to be purposefully on the streets … sometimes you face situations which just leave you broken and desperate. After losing my job, home and key relationships my mental health deteriorated; and I resorted to harmful substances which drove me to the streets. After lots of encouragement from visiting health professionals, I have found hope and compassion from those involved with the HealthBus. This service is a lifeline! A much-needed refuge for those who are vulnerable. The staff and team involved with the HealthBus have saved and are saving lives … this work must continue!”