With pride, the HealthBus team have now received the awaited General Practice Award Trophy!

“The HealthBus Trust is a charity that provides accessible, high quality, and truly patient-centred health care to people experiencing homelessness in Bournemouth and the surrounding area. This award affirms our mission and commitment to working in a multidisciplinary team with a range of external partners. We are so thankful to all we work and partner with!” Dr. Maggie Kirk, Medical Director.

Thank you to all the HealthBus Trust team and partners! We have won the Clinical Improvement Award for Public Health & Prevention 2021 Award, sponsored by Atrumed!

Since 2008, The General Practice Awards has sought to recognise the very best within the healthcare industry, seeking out the incredible work being carried out daily by our NHS heroes. This is now more poignant than ever. We know it has been challenging to strive for greatness, but equally challenging to operate business as usual with Covid-19 presenting so many difficulties to the healthcare community.