Talbot Village Trust supporting local charities

On 09 August 2023, the grant team at Talbot Village Trust (TVT) met with key individuals representing a number of local charities as they led workshop sessions on how as a grant provider they could support further the essential work done by the voluntary sector. It was an opportunity to consider the different types of funding charities receive and explore examples that have been most helpful / powerful / transformative for the communities. The HealthBus Trust has previously received grants from TVT and it was a pleasure to be involved. The workshops were led by Jon, Martha, Emily and Louise and covered:

  • What kind of funding best helps you to deliver preventative services to your beneficiaries?
  • What community needs do you think are not well-funded? Which more complex issues do you come across that are hard to attract resources for?
  • What challenges do you face in delivering your mission? (financial and non-financial)
  • How would you describe the ideal applicant experience? What does good look/feel like? What puts you off or encourages you to apply?

“We are grateful to TVT for how they connect and support local charities. They acknowledge the essential impact that the voluntary sector has and seeks to support it further by improving the processes and systems of applying for thier grants.”  – Deano Pickering, Head of Funding & Marketing