Phillipa’s Race Across Scotland Ultra 215 miles, 10 August 2024

Meet Phillipa Rolle, an extraordinary individual and school teacher who consistently embraces extreme challenges each year to support vital charities. Having conquered numerous endurance races across the UK and Europe, her upcoming daunting feat is the Race Across Scotland Ultra on August 10, 2024. Covering a staggering 215 miles, this endurance race will lead her through diverse landscapes, from valleys to fields and mountains. Phillipa has chosen to dedicate this run to raising funds for the HealthBus Trust.

Deano from HealthBus had the privilege of connecting with Phillipa, discussing her training journey and the incredible challenge she’s about to undertake. Phillipa states,

Every year I try and raise money and awareness for our local hospital. This year I thought I’d focus that attention on people who have limited to no access to simple healthcare due to being homeless. Having personally seen how mental health affects our young community and in one particular instance, led to a young man going homeless in Poole and ultimately found on a park bench frozen in London, really struck a chord with me. So having access to health professionals could help limit and treat illnesses and even signpost them to better outcomes.”

Phillipa’s dedication and determination are truly remarkable. This upcoming race will push her to her physical limits, aiming to complete it in just 4 days, covering 50 miles each day with only four to six hours of sleep in total. Despite the immense challenge, Phillipa’s recent accomplishment of running around the entire boundary of Dorset, spanning over 200 miles, fills her with confidence and excitement for what lies ahead. She attributes much of her inspiration to her supportive family and running group.

Last year, some of our Duke of Edinburgh students volunteered for Healthbus, which opened Phillipa’s eyes to the impactful work we do for our community. She feels privileged to raise awareness and funds for such a worthy cause, considering it the least she can do.

Phillipa is the very definition of resilience. Her dedication and passion have enabled her to overcome challenges which many of us will never endure. It’s a wonderful honour to have her support as she continues to champion fundraising adventures for vital charities. We look forward to partnering with her on this journey. – Deano Pickering, Executive Director.

Phillipa’s Just Giving page is now live for donations. Click here.