Specialist Nurses from The Queen’s Nursing Institute and University Hospitals Dorset visit HealthBus

On 07 December 2023, the HealthBus team had the privilege of welcoming Samantha Dorney-Smith, Nursing Fellow, Pathway, and Specialist Advisor, Homeless Health Programme, Queen’s Nursing Institute, London. Samantha established the Kings Health Partners Pathway Homeless Team across 3 NHS Trusts (Oct 2013–July 2015) and has been heavily involved in the London Network of Nurses and Midwives since 2004 and was a previous Chair.

Samantha visited the HealthBus Trust to exchange insights and best practices in homeless healthcare. As a dedicated professional, she brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance collaboration and innovation in delivering healthcare services to individuals experiencing homelessness. This visit signifies a commitment to fostering partnerships and leveraging expertise for the betterment of healthcare for vulnerable populations.

In addition, Sam Whittle, the Diabetes Specialist Community Lead at Bournemouth Diabetes & Endocrine Centre (BDEC) within University Hospitals Dorset, recently visited the Trust. Her purpose was to share best practices in homeless healthcare, underscoring the commitment to addressing the unique healthcare needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. With her expertise, Samantha contributes valuable insights to enhance the provision of healthcare services and foster collaborative efforts between healthcare institutions and organisations like the HealthBus Trust. This visit reflects a dedication to improving healthcare outcomes for marginalised populations and promoting inclusive, patient-centred care.