Kate receives an award at the Women’s Community Impact Awards 2024!

On May 25, 2024, Kate Hibbitt was honoured with the Eminent Woman of Impact Award at the Women’s Community Impact Awards, celebrating her outstanding contributions as Operations Director of the HealthBus charity. In this role, Kate has been a pivotal force, serving as the clinical business leader while also managing operations and responsibility as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) lead. Her strategic oversight ensures the organisation is staffed appropriately and operates smoothly, adhering to best practices.

Kate’s ability to foster robust, sustainable relationships with key stakeholders such as Trustees, Adult Services, Safeguarding Teams, NHS Dorset, BCP Council and Primary Care Networks, and various homeless services has been instrumental. Her leadership guarantees the charity has the necessary financial and human resources to meet its clinical obligations, particularly to those experiencing homelessness.

Over the past six years, Kate has played a crucial role in transforming the HealthBus from a modest initiative into a celebrated organisation, recognised nationally for its innovative service delivery model. Her visionary leadership and resilience have been central to this evolution, culminating in the charity’s successful registration with the CQC. Achieving CQC registration is a significant accomplishment for any independent charity, underscoring Kate’s dedication to providing high-quality, compassionate care.

Kate’s efforts have significantly bolstered the credibility and impact of the HealthBus, ensuring vulnerable individuals in the community have access to essential healthcare services. Her leadership is characterised by empowering her team and fostering collaborative partnerships with multidisciplinary teams and non-statutory agencies. This approach has been vital in extending care to those who need it most.

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to addressing health inequalities, breaking down barriers, and amplifying marginalised voices, Kate’s advocacy continues to inspire. Her work with the HealthBus exemplifies her dedication to effecting tangible, positive change, making her a beacon of hope and a true leader in the community.