AUB Socially Conscious Design Unit with Level 4 BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design

We’re thrilled to share the incredible journey that Level 4 students in Interior Architecture at Arts University Bournemouth are embarking on! These students are diving deep into the realm of design with a profound purpose – to explore how design can be a powerful tool in both preventing and facilitating solutions for homelessness among young individuals.

Taking inspiration from the remarkable work of the HealthBus Trust, students are using the charity as a case study. Through rigorous research and immersive learning, they’re not only delving into the complexities of homelessness but also challenging their own unconscious biases along the way. With creativity at the forefront, these budding designers are employing innovative methodologies to tackle one of society’s most pressing issues. From conceptualising space-efficient zones to envisioning community-centric support systems, their ideas are boundless! On 29 January 2024, the students participated in a roc-drill session, which propelled them to use their skills for meaningful change and develop their designs to shape a more inclusive and compassionate world.