On 13 June 2022, the HealthBus was invited to work alongside a group of BA (Hons) Interior Architecture undergraduates from Arts Univerity Bournemouth (AUB) on a collaborative project with the NHS pop-up Hospital in Poole. Since the pandemic, there is a greater desire to ensure that healthcare is more accessible as the NHS seeks to reduce the backlog of medical assessments prohibited by covid-19 restrictions. The project demonstrates the enormous value that creative designers can have in the world of health, as clinical environments are transformed into aesthetically comfortable zones where people feel relaxed about being treated.

“Creative innovation is often demonstrated best when there is a collaboration with both professionals and organisations from varying sectors. It’s so valuable to show students that their field of creative expertise can benefit any sector that the UK or International market has to offer …”

The NHS in Poole is doing a remarkable job at bringing the healthcare service to areas where people go most, like the Dolphin Shopping Centre. Investing in a more streamlined service means that those that had appointments or treatments cancelled due to restrictions can now be reinstated.

“Where we live, work, play and get treated are important spaces which need to be carefully designed. The opportunity where students can work alongside NHS professionals demonstrates that someone can be creative and yet have interests in other fields and enhance the work in other sectors!” – Deano Pickering (HealthBus)

The Trust looks forward to working more with AUB students as it continues to share its experience in bringing accessible healthcare to all.