Fundraising Convention 2024

On 03 July 2024, the Fundraising Convention in London gathered over 1500 nonprofit professionals at the QEII Centre in Westminster. Among the attendees was Deano from HealthBus, representing the charity to make new connections to improve fundraising.

The convention’s theme, “Innovation and Impact,” featured keynote speeches, workshops, and networking opportunities. Deano found the sessions on digital transformation in fundraising particularly beneficial, gaining insights into using data analytics to enhance donor engagement for HealthBus. The importance of digital tools in engaging donors and optimising operations was a significant takeaway.

Corporate partnership sessions also stood out, offering practical advice on approaching and structuring alliances with corporate entities. Given HealthBus’s reliance on community support, these insights were particularly relevant.

Networking played a crucial role, as Deano connected with nonprofit leaders, sharing experiences and exploring potential collaborations. This exchange of ideas underscored the value of a supportive network within the nonprofit sector.

Reflecting on the convention, Deano expressed enthusiasm about applying the learned strategies at HealthBus. “The Fundraising Convention 2024 has been an incredible experience, as like all charities we are charged with doing more for less …,” Deano remarked. “I am excited to implement new ideas to advance our mission.”

With these insights, HealthBus is poised to navigate the evolving nonprofit landscape, enhancing its impact on the communities it serves.