Luke’s Epic Coastal Trek: A Journey of Miles and Minds

At the start of June 2024, Luke Saxy embarked on an extraordinary adventure: tackling England’s South Coast Path in one continuous hike. This daunting path, stretching 630 miles around the scenic southern edge of England, was no small feat. Luke estimated it would take him between 40 and 45 days to complete.

But this wasn’t just a personal challenge. Luke’s trek was a heartfelt fundraising mission aimed at raising £5000 for Dorset Mind, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the HealthBus. These causes are incredibly important to him, not only because of the work they do but also because of his own 25-year battle with severe depression. By taking on this challenge, Luke hoped to boost his own mental health while making a difference for others.

As he traversed the stunning landscapes of the South Coast, Luke’s journey became a powerful testament to the human spirit. He connected deeply with nature and drew strength from the beautiful environment. Moreover, the support and sponsorship from people cheering him on provided a significant boost.

After covering an impressive 515 miles over 38 days, Luke’s journey hit an unexpected hurdle: a knee injury forced him to pause his trek. Despite this setback, Luke’s dedication and resilience shone brightly. His social media updates not only chronicled his adventure but also opened up conversations about mental health, stressing the importance of speaking openly and positively about such issues.

Luke returned to Bournemouth on Monday, 09 July, greeted like a hero by some of the HealthBus team. The celebration was simple but joyous, with Luke savouring a McDonald’s burger as he looked back on his incredible achievement. While his knee injury was a disappointment, it hasn’t dampened his spirits. Luke is already gearing up for his next challenge, driven by the desire to raise awareness and funds for causes close to his heart.

Luke has raised 68% of his target! You can still give and say well done here.