HealthBus Trust partners with Dorset Healthcare & YMCA to vaccinate patients

It’s estimated that more than 130,800 people who are eligible for the Covid booster vaccination on offer in Dorset this winter still haven’t taken it. The HealthBus is partnering with health agencies and accommodation services to ensure that vulnerable patients have access to the vaccination. Together with Dorset Healthcare and YMCA, the HealthBus Clinical team are aiding with the vaccination delivery through drop-in clinics. These drop-ins are a good way to reach out to some of the most vulnerable people in communities.

Big Issue seller Joe  stated:

“You never know what’s wrong with you but you just keep going – that’s part of being homeless, you just tend to ignore any ailments you might have,” Big Issue seller Joe said after he got his Covid jab. When you’re homeless it’s not easy to get access to medical treatment so anything like this you’ve got to take advantage of. I think we should all be doing our part – whether you’re homeless or you’re the prime minister.”

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HealthBus Trustee Myka Wilshire speaks with BBC Healthcare correspondent Alistar Fee about the importance of getting vaccinated. You can listen to the BBC Solent news report below.