Huge thanks to Vodafone and the ‘Charities Conneted’ team for helping the HealthBus to combat digital poverty whilst supporting our digital operations. 

This is part of Vodafone’s recently announced commitment to tackle digital exclusion and connect one million people by the end of 2022.

The pandemic has highlighted the scale of digital exclusion and in particular its impact on the most vulnerable in society. Digital connectivity is increasingly essential to access work, education, healthcare and to keep in touch with family and friends, yet 1.5m households (approximately 6% of the UK population) are living without internet access.

Charities have faced many challenges during the pandemic. Smaller charities have struggled to offer their services digitally and, in many cases, have paused activity or stopped operations altogether.

Others have faced a lack of digital skills and technical knowledge – both within the charities themselves and in the communities they serve.

Almost half (45%) of charities reported they had to give their users devices, data or support to enable them to get online; 20% said they had to cancel services because they didn’t have the skills or technology needed to deliver them.

For more detail visit Vodafone Charities Connected