Bournemouth University Media Students Complete Impactful ‘Client Brief’

Second-year Media students at Bournemouth University have successfully completed their ‘Client Brief’ project, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. The project, which involved Groups 1 and 10, centred around an inspiring brief from HealthBus, and concluded with both groups presenting their ideas and research in tackling the ‘brief’ which was presented to them.

The students were tasked with developing innovative strategies to motivate university students to engage with local charities and contribute to their communities. This initiative went beyond mere creativity, encouraging participants to challenge their unconscious biases and misconceptions about homelessness. It also aimed to inspire the next generation of leaders and decision-makers by envisioning new ways to foster community involvement.

Both groups demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent in their efforts. Their projects not only showcased their creative abilities but also their commitment to making a positive impact on society.

“We are immensely proud of all the students for their outstanding work and dedication,” said Deano Pickering, Executive Director of HealthBus. “Their projects are a testament to their hard work and the skills they have developed during their studies. We look forward to seeing them continue to shine in their future endeavours.”

The successful completion of this project highlights the important role that university students can play in addressing societal issues and supporting local charities. Congratulations to the BU Media students on this remarkable achievement!