On May 8, 2024, Susan (trustee) and Gail (volunteer), representing the HealthBus Trust, were among the distinguished guests at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party, hosted by His Royal Highness (HRH) King Charles III. The invitation was extended in recognition of the outstanding work done by volunteers in the voluntary sector.

The HealthBus Trust had earlier received The King’s Award for Voluntary Service in November 2023, an honour that signifies the highest level of achievement for a local voluntary group in the United Kingdom, equivalent to an MBE. The award reflects the Trust’s exceptional contributions to the community through its voluntary work.

A total of 262 charities, social enterprises, and voluntary groups were honoured with this prestigious award this year. The HealthBus Trust’s mission to provide health services to those in need aligns with the spirit of the award, which acknowledges organisations that make a significant difference in their local areas.

The Buckingham Palace Garden Party serves as a celebration of these efforts, highlighting the valuable role volunteers play in supporting their communities and improving the quality of life for those around them. This recognition emphasises the importance of voluntary service and its positive impact on society.

“It has been a delight and honour to represent the HealthBus today at HRH Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. What a privilege to connect with other people across the country who are serving their communities to bring positive change.” Susan Baker, Trustee

“What a wonderful and splendid occasion. Everything at the Palace was perfect even the weather! I am thrilled to have been invited and having the honour to connect and talk with so many other individuals who have been recognised for their contribution towards the community. A very special day that I will always remember.”Gail Radford, Volunteer.